Car Finder AR Helps You Keep A Track Of Your Wheels!

Like smart mobile phones and diamonds, even cars are an important part of our luxurious living style. We are so much dependent on our machinery of wheels that we simply can’t imagine going around anywhere without it. After ensuring our life in the hands of a life insurance policy, we definitely make sure to do the same for our car by taking car insurance. But, what if it gets stolen or we fail to remember the place where we parked our car? Sure, if you have a remote car key you can easily flash your car siren and lights to reveal your vehicle location but, I think there is no reason to let everyone know about your forgetting habit. Well, keeping aside all your worries, here’s an android application named Car Finder AR which can help you locate your vehicle easily and without making much noise.
Car Finder AR is an augmented-reality application which helps in keeping a track of your lost or stolen vehicle. This app is enabled with a ‘shake to save’ setting which easily saves your car location just with the shaking of your android device the moment you leave your car. It uses your device’s camera and other censors to display the location of your vehicle on top of real-time images on your screen. It is also inbuilt with the benefit map and radar views and sending of your car location to another user of this app. Here’s a brief list of its features and benefits:
• Car recovery mode to track your car if it gets stolen
• 3D map or radar view to project your car location
• Automatic saving of your car’s location when you turn it off
• Walking or driving directions to your parked car
• Ability to manage 3 different cars locations on the go
• Sends Email, Whatsapp or Line with your car’s location
• Mark and store a log on your Google calendar
• Parking meter alarm
With the list of such valuable features, Car Finder AR is a known worldwide-used android app marked with the green signal of accomplishing the mission of safeguarding and protecting your precious car from any loss. Now you simply have to ask ‘Where’s my car?’ to this app instead of troubling your fellow beings!